The Captain’s Log will connect you to our Instagram page Miami Happy Cruises. Here you can see the most recent posts of the experiences of our guests. It tells the story of our many adventures and what our guests have to say about Happy Cruises. Furthermore you can check our any special promotions that we are offering.

The Captain’s Log also shows great pictures of the many destinations we visit like Key Biscayne and Nixons Sand Bar. This is a great spot to anchor and swim over to the sandbar or kayak if you prefer. Once at the sandbar the water depth is only two feet so you can stand or sit and relax. This anchorage is also near to Millionaires Row on Key Biscayne. Consequently after your swim we can cruise the canals and check out the beautiful mansions worth up to fifty million.

You will also see our guests enjoying their special events like dinner cruises, birthdays, family vacations, bachelorettes, proposals, anniversaries, renewal of vows, just to name a few. Most noteworthy we had a couple that wanted to renew their vows on their 25th anniversary including their two children. It was amazing, we made arrangements to have our pastor come aboard and renew their vows right at sunset. It included roses, champagne and appetizers, check out the photo below.

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